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In total, it costs 90,000 gold to raise a single country’s Donation Level to Level 5, and 360,000 gold to raise all four countries’ Donation Levels to Level 5.


Tier 3. Jan 20, 2023 · Give your characters rings. Some are impossible to miss because you get them in the story and others you just need to max donations to a kingdom.


Level 5 – 50,000 Gold. . .

With dark forces conspiring to seize the Emblem Rings for themselves, the various realms could use some help, and little greases the wheels better than some cold hard cash. updated Feb 1, 2023.

Tier 4.

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Brodia offers the most metal production out of any kingdom in Fire Emblem Engage. .

But as you reach higher and higher tiers, you’ll receive better items and access to unique outfit sets. .

In this Fire Emblem Engage Donations Reward Guide we list all of the different donation levels for each of the.

Tier 2.

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RT @AdamCreyton: Engage's luxury jewellery magazine volume 4! In this volume, learn how to master every weapon to ever exist in Fire Emblem. The following donation amounts earn these Levels: You’ll receive an assortment of items and Bond Fragments each time you donate. The entire weapon proficiency system relies heavily on bond levels with Emblem Rings.

One-time donation rewards are offered at each step along the way, from donation levels 2 to 5. <strong>Donations Level Up Effects and Rewards. Ivy joins your army paired with Lyn, which seems like an odd pairing initially. . Feb 20, 2023 · Level 4 – 25,000 Gold.

There are two different kinds of rings: Emblem rings and Bond rings.

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The effects primarily consist of increasing the encounter rate of rare enemies, resulting in you getting better rewards out of battle, and increasing the multiplier for amount of materials rewarded.

Fire Emblem Engage features a way to unlock rewards and increased material drops from skirmishes by donating to the various nations you ally with.

One of the main concepts of Fire Emblem Engage is the use of rings.

There are two different kinds of rings: Emblem rings and Bond rings.

Alcryst, for instance, is Proficient in Archery but cannot be transferred to any Axe class unless he possesses the following Proficiency.